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san antonio - austin texas construction management
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san antonio - austin construction project management DEI's engineering staff is small (OK, it's just one guy and a couple of associates). We're not capable of designing multi-story buildings and are happy to leave that kind of project to the big firms with large payrolls, complex computer design software, and millions of dollars in professional liability insurance.

So how can we help you? Well, if you need two, three or 40 hours of engineering support to evaluate a foundation, design a few beams, perform a peer review or due-diligence study, or solve a wide range of engineering- or construction-related problems, we could be the perfect alternative. We don't have a large staff, but the staff we have is loaded with experience (check our credentials). And that experience comes at a rate that the large firms can't touch.

If your firm has engineering needs in multiple states we can be of even greater potential service. With our associates we retain professional registration in at least six states, ranging from Texas, west to California and Oregon and east to Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Since our rates are lower to begin with, we can offer greater flexibility and mobility, lower travel costs, and lower costs overall.

If you have a specific need for engineering services, contact us. We'll be pleased to discuss ways to solve your engineering or construction needs.