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san antonio - austin texas construction management
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Commercial real property inspections differ radically from residential inspections, both from the standpoint of how the property is to be used and what information is important to the buyer. DEI has extensive experience with commercial properties and can custom tailor an inspection to cover a wide range of buyer needs:

  • Preliminary evaluations. Most businesses looking for property will consider dozens of sites during their initial search phase and are looking for the "fatal flaws" in each in order to help them narrow down their selection to the best site possible for their use. DEI can assist in this effort by performing inspections limited to obvious visual defects or well-known regulatory restrictions. This can be especially useful when all potential sites are reviewed in the same report and can be compared in relative terms.
  • Due-diligence studies. When a business has narrowed its choice of sites to one, or possibly two, a more thorough evaluation of development potential may be in order. DEI can perform these in-depth studies through the use of its own resources and those of key associate firms. Our reports will often include reviews in the following areas:
    • Architectural. Code compliance, accessibility concerns, and preliminary space planning;
    • Civil. Site drainage, paving;
    • Structural. Foundations, structural framing;
    • Mechanical. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, stairwell pressurization and smoke evacuation, and even special process-related equipment;
    • Electrical. Power distribution, lighting, fire protection, and process control systems;
    • Plumbing. Water, gas, and wastewater systems;
    • Environmental. Existing contaminants and costs of remediation.
    • External and regulatory–
      • Planning and zoning requirements and limitations;
      • Limitations imposed by sewer availability;
      • General availability of required utilities;
      • Geotechnical conditions of the site;
      • Drainage characteristics and development impediments; and
      • Site accessibility.
  • Special studies. Where a buyer has his own due-diligence resources, DEI can often provide specialty services to fill in small gaps. For example, DEI can conduct studies regarding the structural implications of a conversion or prepare preliminary estimates of cost using local resources.

To learn more about DEI´s commercial property support services, contact us. Give us basic information on the site and your requirements, and we´ll be back in touch within one business day.