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san antonio - austin texas construction management
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san antonio - austin construction project management The design and construction of high–rise residential, commercial and industrial projects is a complex process. And while many companies successfully participate in that process day–in and day–out, there are times when an outside consultant with years of experience can help meet special needs. Consider these possibilities in your business:

  • You´re a successful developer or builder who´s just won your first project in Houston or the Texas Hill Country. You have no operations in the area-at least not yet-and need a true construction professional to help you get things rolling.
  • Your design firm has completed the plans for your project, but you´re not convinced that they are complete, that the products and systems specified are cost effective, or that subtle oversights might not cost lots of money to fix in the field. You need someone with lots of experience to review the plans and address their deficiencies.
  • This is your first restoration project and you´d like input from someone who understands both the design and construction risks inherent in old buildings and is familiar with many of the solutions.
  • You are a contractor who wants to streamline your management process, but don´t have an in–house staff with the time to devote to it. You need someone with years of construction experience who can tailor the process to the way you do business.
  • You are in the middle of a dispute with an owner or contractor regarding the legitimate costs of a building or a change order and need an independent professional to assist in resolving the dispute.

There are potentially hundreds of other situations where DEI could be the perfect, cost–effective solution to a short–term problem. DEI brings over 30 years of experience in engineering, construction and general management together under one hat, bringing an insight and understanding to your business that is almost unmatched elsewhere. Click here to describe your need; we´ll get back to you within one business day on how we can help.