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san antonio - austin texas construction management
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Building your dream home can be a tremendously rewarding experience. The opportunity to incorporate your own style, tastes, and living requirements into that once–in–a–lifetime project can be exhilarating, challenging and satisfying, not only for you, but also for your family, friends and guests.

Unfortunately, far too many buyers find the process less than fulfilling after it´s all over. In many cases, this is not the fault of the designer, the builder, or the buyer, but a simple lack of communication between all parties as to just what the final outcome will be. DEI can help bridge that gap!

DEI does not directly provide design or construction services to the home–building industry. Our specialty is in maximizing the understanding of all parties of the desires and preferences of the buyer, with the objective that the buyer sees a completed project that matches his/her vision with a minimum amount of anxiety, disputes, or misunderstandings. How do we do this?

  • We assist the buyer in the selection of a designer or architect, advising on the merits and disadvantages of each, and aiding the buyer in negotiating a reasonable fee for services;
  • We monitor the design, insuring that the finished product is consistent with the buyer´s original objective, that it is within the budget target, and that it conveys to builders all the requirements of the work;
  • We assist the buyer in the selection of a contractor, including the preparation of a comprehensive bid package, analysis of bids, and recommendations on award;
  • We monitor construction on a regular basis, verifying that the plans are being implemented in the field;
  • We assist in the negotiation of change orders, providing the buyer with added control and negotiating power; and
  • We assist the buyer in contract closeout, contributing to punchlist development, verifying completion of all work, managing warranties, and recommending final payment.

Most home buyers will build only one or two custom homes in their lifetime, and unless their business background is construction, few will have the experience necessary to avoid the pains and pitfalls of such relatively large undertakings. DEI can help make sure your dream home stays that way all the way to move in. Want to know more? Contact us for further information on our services.