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san antonio - austin texas construction management
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san antonio - austin construction expert testimony Successful expert testimony isn't just about credentials and experience. It's about confidence on the witness stand, developing rapport in the courtroom and making a connection with the judge and jury. And it´s about skill in taking complex technical subjects and making them understandable, even interesting.

John Joyner, the principal of Dakota Engineering and Inspections, certainly has credentials, but he also has a presentation style that simplifies without being condescending and a candor that instills trust and believability. His strength is in the analysis and resolution of construction disputes, and in particular those disputes that involve structural or civil engineering issues.

DEI is particularly cost-effective for the early, informal resolution of disputes before claims and counter-claims reduce the potential for settlement. John has extensive experience as both a buyer and seller of design and construction services, and has a track record for objectivity that all parties are quick to recognize.

A short phone call or e-mail is usually all that is necessary to establish the basis for a scope of services proposal. Check the contacts page for phone numbers and e-mail addresses.