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san antonio - austin texas construction management
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RESIDENTIAL INSPECTIONS san antonio - austin texas home inspections

Residential inspections for prospective home buyers and for construction-in-progress are most often performed by technicians licensed by the state (in Texas by the Texas Real Estate Commission) as Professional Real Estate Inspectors. We believe the majority of them are competent, thorough and provide a cost-effective service. As a rule we don’t offer these services, and recommend you select one through the National Association of Certified HomeInspectors (NACHI) or, in Texas, through the Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors (TAREI). Links to their websites can be found below.

There are times, however, when a home inspector can’t quite provide the service you need. Some examples include:

  • The evaluation of questionable conditions in a structure that a real estate inspector doesn’t feel qualified to address. (Inspectors are trained to identify the potential for a problem, and typically defer to an engineer a more detailed analysis.)
  • The analysis of specific problems, either during construction or afterward, that requires a greater depth of experience, a more widely-recognized and higher level of certification, or more thorough report-writing and expert witness skills.
  • Disputes with a builder (or homeowner) where an independent authority may bring new perspectives toward a solution.

DEI may well be your choice in such situations. Not only can our experience and training identify solutions, but our association with the dispute resolution process for single-family homes (and especially with the TRCC in Texas) can provide added insight to a perceived claim and temper unrealistic expectations. We are often the best alternative to an attorney and the courts, and where we can’t resolve the problem we can almost always help prepare your case for the best possible outcome.

Many of our consultations require only a few hours of engineering time, and most one-time visits cost less than $500. If you have a problem with your home or your builder, contact us for a free preliminary telephone evaluation. If you are a builder who believes a homeowner complaint is unfair or unwarranted, we might be able to support your position or work out a reasonable settlement as an unofficial mediator.